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Quick answers to the most frequently asked garage door questions. Get your answers here

Do I have to adjust garage door springs after a year of operation?

Sectional door springs have a specific number of operation cycles for any given height. If the spring is motorized then the open-close operation will not be very reliable over time and the sensitivity settings of the motor should be adjusted. Garage door repair experts at Addison recommend servicing the door about a year after the installation.

What's the purpose of wall mount openers?

Wall mount openers are preferred by those who have limited space on the ceiling or need to make room for some other use other than installing the garage door opener. Our company in Addison will also recommend them to those who get a larger overhead door but have no space left for the opener installation.

How often must I lubricate the parts?

There is no need to lubricate garage door parts every now and then unless it's very cold or hot and the old lubricants seem to have dried out or the door makes noise. Lubrication maintenance is often necessary every six or eight months but it doesn't hurt to check the components regularly.

Which is the most common cause of garage door opener failure?

The risk of opener failure is generally very low. Most often, the device stops working when there is a broken main gear. This gear is made from plastic and is more likely to break compared to the metal hardware parts. A broken trolley, on the other hand, won’t stop the motor from doing its job, but the opener will not lift the door.

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