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Garage Door Springs

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We are the best garage door company in Addison. At our local garage door company we can take care of all of your garage door issues such as repairs, replacements and installations. Our garage door contractors are the best trained contractors in the area. We are available with free estimates and low prices. Our garage door service specializes in broken spring repair/replacement for your garage door. Our garage door contractors can make your repair or replacement the same day with our same day service guarantee.  We have been open for many years serving Addison and we have earned the reputation of being the best garage door service in Addison.Garage Door Springs

The problem that one faces when fixing a garage door is not equivalent to what he would have faced if he had regularly maintained his garage door system from the get go. Think of it as a hook that finally breaks because of the weight that hangs on it. That’s how it is with your door system. Our professionals can regularly help you make sure that your systems works in tip top shape, and it will remain in that form for a longer period of time. We are also experts in repairing springs and cables and can handle any issues with the opener.

Garage door springs are a common problem with garage doors.  Our garage door contractors can replace or install the springs for you.  We only use quality products that are going to last and that are under warranty.  It all depends on the weight of the door as to which type of garage door spring you will need. If you have a heavy door you will need to use the torsion spring.  The torsion spring is very sturdy an able to lift heavy doors this type of spring hangs above the garage door.

The other spring is the extension spring bringing used for lightweight doors.  And the extension spring goes on both sides of the garage door. Both can be a hassle to install that is why we suggest having a professional garage door contractor from our garage door company in Addison install the springs for you. You may also purchase galvanized garage door springs.  Whichever type of spring you need we can install it correctly.

If a garage door spring is not installed correctly then more damage could occur or an injury may happen

Our garage door service is the best when it comes to garage door repairs and installations. The springs need to be fastened securely or they could become loose causing further damage. At times the springs made need minor adjustments or maintenance. The garage door springs should last but it depends on how many times that garage door is used. Our garage door service company can install the garage door springs in just a few hours because of our professional garage door contractors.

Our garage door company is the best in Addison. We are proud to serve this community. Our customers know they can trust us with all of their garage door issues. We make repairs, replacements and installations. We are open 24/7 and offer free estimates. Our garage door service guarantees all of our products and service 100%.  Our skilled garage door contractors can handle any size job.  Let our garage door service take care of replacing or installing your garage door springs. 

When you need your garage door springs replaced or installed call the best garage door company in Addison.

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