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Garage door prices

12/15/2013 Back To Blog

Buying a brand new garage door is a great investment since it improves the façade of your property and increases the value of your house in Illinois. The image of a very beautiful house can be easily ruined by a damaged or very old garage door. Garage door prices vary on the market according to their size, state, company and material. There are plenty of guides in the internet, that will give you an idea of the lowest and highest prices in the market.

Factors that modify garage door prices

  • First of all, you must make sure you need a new garage door. It might only require a good cleaning service or garage door maintenance. You may only need to repair the garage door rollers or the broken Clopay torsion spring. The garage door company of your Addison can consult you on updating your existing garage door to make it stronger and safer.
  •  If you need garage door replacement, the cost will be lower than if you would ask for garage door installation.
  • The cheapest garage doors on the market are those made of steel followed by aluminum, wood and glass. Of course, you may modify the width or thickness of the glass garage door, for example, which would raise the price. Furthermore, simple glass garage doors are cheaper than tinted ones and if you add extra accessories, the cost will be higher.
  • The cheapest doors start under $1000 and depending on what features you add they can reach approximately $4000. Of course, these prices regard garage doors that you can find in the market because custom made ones would cost you more since they would be tailored to your taste, requirements, design and material. In any case, you can still ask the garage door company to make a customized door within your budget limits.
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