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How Commercial Differ from Residential Doors

01/14/2014 Back To Blog

Apparently, the differences among residential and commercial garage doors are found in details. Homeowners invest in quality, security, powerful openers and safe components and businesses would invest in the same exact characteristics but will give more emphasis on details. Today, there is abundance in all types of doors because there are tremendous differences among properties. Therefore, the right choice for a commercial establishment would depend on its own characteristics. A small store won't need the same garage door with a large multi-million corporation.

Speculate garage door differences and needs

The truth is that all commercial garage doors ought to be of the best materials and specifications because some of them would secure goods worth millions of dollars, some would protect hundreds of employees and some would keep both safe. If homeowners are called to give attention to several details, such as the size, dimension and safety, entrepreneurs have an even greater responsibility.

Commercial enterprises ought to have garage doors of the right size and type. They are usually much larger than residential ones since big trucks and other machinery must have a clear way to drive through. Although an overhead door would be the most popular choice for most companies, some would also get sliding or sectional doors while smaller sized properties would prefer rollups. In any case, the greater size would require much better quality garage door parts in order to keep safe, fully functional and smooth in everyday movement.

Depending on the company, commercial doors won't necessarily need extra decorations with windows and nice designs and perhaps they won't need to be insulated either. Though, most commercial doors today have insulation ranging from r-8 to r-22 and come in different styles. Heavy industrial usage on a daily basis would also need extremely powerful and durable garage door openers, which must be compliant with the safety sensors regulations of UL 325 effective since 2010.

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